Graduate and PhD Students


Ana Rojas

Ana is a pursuing her M.S. with Dr. Anderson, studying the effects of introduced species in our Colombian Hippo project and the socio-ecological implications of introduced Arapaima. After graduating from Florida International University with her B.S. in Environmental Studies, her work with the National Park Service and interest in freshwater ecosystems makes her a unique and essential asset to our team.


Aldo Farah

Aldo Farah is an first year PhD student working on importance of river connectivity for tropical fish populations. His previous research has examined the implications of river fragmentation by dams for fish movement in Costa Rica.



Brenna Kays

Brenna is Ph.D student with Tropical Rivers Lab at Florida International University. In her former position as TRL’s lab manager, her research focused on the analysis of networks connecting organizations working in Amazon conservation. Her doctoral research focuses on using citizen science, environmental education, and biocultural perspectives as tools to improve ecological restoration success.